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The Domain

in Quinsac

Sylvère and Valérie


The history is that of our meeting, our love at first sight for a small property, leaned against its hillside of the “Première Côtes”, rich of its fifty years vines, proud of its varied and complex land, recognized in the past but then asleep … facing the sun!

Everything is there and everything is said … But everything remains to be done …

Every day we observe, discover, learn, try and start over again.

Acting gradually with absolute respect for this fabulous nature, these steep slopes, these vines deeply anchored, consider themselves very small but work hard to magnify them to restore all balance, finesse, expression of a unique terroir!

The vineyard



The vineyard

A bucolic landscape where one feels at peace, 7 hectares of gravel, clay, iron on a steep hillside facing the sun.

In addition to the traditional vines of Bordeaux, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Petit Verdot combine to create the most beautiful treasure of the vineyards, the jewels of the place, pampered and cajoled.

They produce the Chastelet nectar in the “Les Cinquantenaires” cuvée. They represent three-quarters of the surface and stand as a reference point for the youngest.

The work


we work


In the cellar

Late harvests among the most remote of the appellation … “Wait until the vine, the soil, the basement, the time give us all that they want to offer us”.

When the grape is in the cellar, the vintage is made! A simple, calm, uncluttered vat, a cocoon to allow the advent of grapes into wine.

Open tanks to house each grape separately, to let the yeasts of the property act and reveal the soil, to achieve the soft and harmonious ancestral “pigeage”, to witness the event, this wonderful transformation that fills our taste buds and nose and whose magic is renewed every year.

Make yourself the most discreet, listen, share, watch, taste, protect …

In the cellar

Part of the wine is housed under the house in oak barrels, in the darkness of the old barrel cellar in the middle of the old stones.

Very few new woods, we shun the contributions of marked tastes, we prefer the container, the micro oxygenation natural through the pores of the wood and time …
Aging is continued for a year for “Château de Chastelet” in barrels of 2 to 5 years, to favor fruit, roundness and balance.

“Les cinquentenaires” remain 6 months longer (18 months) in the darkness of the cellar, we use barrels of 1 to 2 years in order to bring more tannins, guard racks of this nectar of the vintage.

Here again little intervention only the complement to the evaporation, “the part of the angels”.


In the vines

A steep hillside, oriented south / south-west, old vines mostly gages of finesse and experience for the youngest …, four grape varieties (Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec), and especially a closed place where the harmony of nature is expressed.

We want to magnify this terroir by carrying out a work of artisan, little quantity but quality.

To observe, to try, to be deceived … to start again by keeping as ideal the respect of the nature.

We chose organic and even biodynamics from the beginning … we pick horsetail, nettle, “achillée” to make infusions, decoctions that will return to the domain, strengthen the defenses of the vine and will thus limit the treatments!

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